Wednesday, January 31, 2018

01022018 REMDII Sensitive

Hello everyone! 
It is the second month of 2018 *time flies*!
In this post I am going to share a follow up from my last post,
and also a Malaysia locally produced product which I think is quite helpful.

So first thing to note is that,
I not only have ichthyosis vulgaris, I also have eczema.
If you've read my introduction post, 
I shared that many doctors do not know about ichthyosis,
thus commonly diagnosed whatever skin problem as eczema.
Somehow everything is eczema 😌😌😌😌

In my last post I wrote about my contact dermatitis.
The flaring was bad, I had cracks and my skin was peeling terribly.
I went to the clinic and as usual was given topical steroid cream.
The problem is I had been on steroid cream on and off for almost all my life now.

The cream that this doctor gave is probably milder 
and it took quite a few days to get the flare down.

After the cracks were reduced, I started using a locally made cream,
which is steroid free.

You can see the difference in the image below.

In the before photo, my skin on my fingertips was reddish and so thin, 
even touching was painful.
In the after photo, the skin on my fingertips is already thicker and became less reddish.

For the past few days I have stopped using steroid and started using a cream called
"REMDII Sensitive"
I found out about this cream in my local country's Eczema community group.
Being steroid free, it has definitely improved my skin condition.

This is not a paid review but if you are my readers from Malaysia,
with skin condition alike eczema, or dry patchy skin,
and have not known about this cream, do write to me!

So here are some photos of the cream!

Here is the big original tub, RM150 for 250g when I bought it.
If you happen to get trial packs, I think RM15 for 5g? 
Some RM20, some RM30 😌 depending on how the clinic packs them.
Mostly sold at selected clinics all over the country (Malaysia).
The trial packs are not labeled.

The list of ingredients, all lab tested.
Lots of R&D were carried out to produce this cream

This is the colour of the cream. 
Unlike most which are either white or transparent (gel type). 
I saw some first time users questioned whether they bought the right cream, 
 because this colour makes it looks "expired" 😅😅😅 
But no worries, this is the actual colour.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

24012018 Is this contact dermatitis?

Happy New Year 2018!

Might be a little late for this but finally find time to update, 
and coincidentally I have my allergy back *sobs

I had been using gloves for dish washing and laundry so I am not sure what caused this.
Even if I accidentally touched either of them, it would be very minor...
So I figured that my fingers must be really sensitive, 
or there could be other triggers which I don't realized
I have not make any changing to my body wash or shampoo,
so I am really not sure what caused this...

Went to the doctor again yesterday and he gave me the H-Cort cream,
I hate steroid creams because I became reliant on them,
but the doctor said usually these dermatitis or eczema cream all contain steroids.
Perhaps I should try alternative, like traditional medicine?
Write me your views and opinions if you've tried any!

Honestly I am having problem even holding stuffs and typing right now.
The skin on my fingers are peeling and cracking, became so sensitive.
Pretty sure it is due to something I touch (contact dermatitis?) 
because only my right hand is affected,
which is my dominant hand.

This was my post back in 2014,
since then it has been an on and off condition.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

29112017 Dealing with No Thumbprints

So back in this post in 2014 I wrote about my skin allergy on my fingertips, 
which were basically peeling, making me fingerprints-less. 
Formal documentation has been so difficult like renewing my 
passport and any banking related matters. 
So when I renewed my IC I have requested for a formal letter, 
which is to indicate that both my thumbprints are spoilt, or unreadable, 
I highlighted in the image below in the red box
Whenever I go for banking related or renewal of IC/passport/license, 
I will need to bring this letter.

Another downside is, I can't use the autogate at the immigration because...
I don't have my thumbprint in the National registry database, 
so neither are there thumbprints recorded in my passport 
(for autogate you need to scan you thumbprints). 
I still need to queue up the old fashion way. 
The good thing is, the increasing number of people using the autogate,
whether or not they know how to use the gates (especially old folks), 
makes the autogate slower than the counters, the perks.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

26112017 Skin shedding day?

So finally am able to keep my skin moist, thanks to the Vaseline Advanced strength lotion. When the skin itself, I'd refer as the base, is moist the upper layer of dead cells start to "shed".

IV has always been referred to as crocodile skin because of the scales, or snake skin because of the "skin changing", or fish scales also cause of the scaly appearance.Today after showering with the Rosken Dry Skin wash, I noticed I was "shedding skin". This happens once a month, and as a female, I think it relates to my cycle, though the duration varies. It usually happens during my ovulation period and after this "shedding" process, silky smooth skin revealed! Then before my period come, the misery of super dry skin comes too. So I concluded that, at least for me, it relates to my hormones.

Here, I am "shedding" skin. Gross isn't it? That's why I need to scrub, it's not itchy or painful tho, no open wound except some old scar spots. 

As seen above, right after applying Vaseline lotion these flakes are no longer visible. Nope I didn't scrap off the flakes, I used to when I was younger, before I found that it's okay and this physical appearance is okay 😊 

Ps. I'm not promoting any of the mentioned products, just thought they are helpful to me, and might be helpful to you 😊

Updated on 29112017, just few days after above condition. I had only scrub on one day, which is on 27112017. Below is my skin condition, right after shower, NO lotion. Amazing isn't it, how the skin changes in just few days. Usually it follows my cycle, and it just past my ovulation week.

Friday, November 24, 2017

25112017 Updates on how I control my IV and eczema

So the truth is there is no actual cure for IV and eczema, since it is some genetic disorder, or something like it is in your blood, it's not tumor, virus or bacteria, it's an autoimmune disorder where your body attacks itself so for now the only way is to control and suppress it.

I had been quite experimental on the products I use and food I take over the years so here are some updates till date. Anyways I am back on land, no more sleeping in air conditioned room.

I am back to using these 2 products: 

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Wash (in lime green)

So far the best shower cream, so glad they recently brought this in. It felt quite clean compared to other soap-free products, it doesn't give me any stinging feeling, it doesn't give me too much dryness/tightness after wash, and I use it as face cleanser too (save me on purchasing expensive cleanser for my even more sensitive face) Sometimes it could feel less clean due to its soap-free, so I sort of scrub using a wet hand towel (IV gives lots of dead cells) followed by this Dry Skin wash, works great!

Back to using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength (in white bottle)

I had been using the Rosken Dry Skin and Nivea Essential Enriched lotion (apparently for very dry skin) while offshore, didn't bring the Vaseline, a big mistake. Both of these are terrible lotions for IV, at least for me. The Rosken Dry Skin is creamy but yet dries up so fast, the Nivea Nivea Essential Enriched lotion is so watery, also dries up so fast. When I got back to using Vaseline Intensive Care, I realized that it has a more oily base, yes I feel a bit greasy initially upon application but it stays for hours, even the whole day. 

During the last 2 days I was offshore, I couldn't take the discomfort anymore so I applied steroid cream once a day to all the affected area. It got so much better but the dryness was still there. It has been back for only a few days now, used both the products above and look at how much my skin changes from the last post (check it out here)!

Huge difference without any editing, both after using Rosken Dry Skin Wash but before using lotion. 
I have those 3 dots scars to identify that this is the same leg, same pose hahaha

As for my eczema, I have no breakouts since I stopped taking food I am allergic to, such as prawns and crabs. I reduced my dairy, coffee and sugar intake, drink more water, do more workouts to sweat more (to detox?), change my sheets and pillow cases more far no triggers. 

I'll write again if I find some other helpful controls, some said drink virgin coconut oil or there are some non steroid creams out there...who knows, I am always open to options to make it under control so do write to me if you have any questions or opinions!

Monday, November 13, 2017

14112017 A fortnight in continuous air conditioned room, how it affects IV

Due to work offshore, I had been living in a fully air-conditioned quarters and office. It has been 2 weeks and there will be another week to go before I am off. Since the air conditioner is centralized and it is always on full blast, it has caused major discomfort. My Ichthyosis Vulgaris (IV) is considered to be quite minor, thus I have never mention this during my work medical check ups, on whether I am fit for (this) work. 

I have no major problem in my past assignments, at least the room temperature was controllable. However this time I felt additional discomfort, probably also due to a more haywire sleeping routine (also during the odd working hours I had been sleeping 5-6hrs per day). Or, maybe I brought the wrong lotion.

Remember in the last post I mentioned on testing out the Rosken for dry skin, it was totally a mistake to bring this lotion which I have never tested prior. despite mentioned for dry skin, it was not helping at all, dried out so fast that I had to request for another bottle of lotion from the medic on board. Fortunately there was one bottle left on his shelf, the Nivea lotion for dry skin, which is even milder than the Rosken. 

So since I had to reapply my lotion every 1-2hours, I am currently layering these 2, probably used up half of my new bought Rosken in just 2 weeks. There is no other choice but to bear with it right now. I have always dislike being in air conditioned room for long hours, it worsens IV, just like being in cold dry climate. The air conditioner has never been this cold, this time even the Canadian said it is freezing, having experienced below zero temperature for few months a year, you know sometimes it is unbearable (especially now that it is Monsoon season).

Below images are quite graphic, I just want to share how external factors can affect IV, and here exposed to continuous air conditioner for 2 weeks. I had serious dry skin with rashes, no particular eczema break out, it just happens to the whole body.  You could stop reading here to avoid getting too much info and graphical contents.


Reddish lines appeared around my torso area which looks very much like stretch marks except that they are not, they are just rashes and/or dry skin making crack like lines. All around the torso till my back and thighs.

These minor crack lines have always been there but less obvious on usual days before exposed to air conditioner. After being so dehydrated (but I drink a lot, and I have read that water intake does not make IV or eczema better), the reddish cracks got more and more prominent, the lines kinda "pops" up and you can feel them on the skin surface.

Can you see the crack on my middle finger? Close to my nail. The crack appeared along the lines, and the other 2 lines seem like they are gonna crack too. This is because it is so dry whenever I move my fingers the skin tear 😭😭 Sometimes it hurts a bit but no nothing much to do except to keep it moisturized.

Monday, October 30, 2017

31102017 Trying new ROSKEN Dry Skin Lotion

In my last post, I mentioned I was using the Dry Skin Wash by ROSKEN in light green bottle (you could refer to the post here). I bought the ROSKEN Sensitive Skin cream and gave it a try. It has been 3 weeks and I found that it is not as good as the Vaseline. Despite being free from many antigents because it is made for sensitive skin, the moisturizing factor is just not there. When used for the whole body, which I usually do, it dried up too fast. 

I have a desk job so I sit at least 8hrs in air conditioned office. When using the ROSKEN Sensitive Skin cream, it dries up so fast that I need to reapply lotion every 2-3hrs. Even when I apply it right after shower, I feel like my skin is tight and dry when I got in the car, that is less than an hour after. My verdict is that it may suit Sensitive skin but does not suit Sensitive AND Dry skin.

So I recently top up my Dry Skin Wash and noticed a Purchase-with-Purchase promotion for the Dry Skin Lotion in light orange (as shown below). Despite being for Normal to Dry skin, and my skin is very dry, because it is ROSKEN I decided to give it a try!

I have yet to try this but I will soon. 
I will try it for the same period (around 3 weeks) and come out with my verdict!