Wednesday, January 31, 2018

01022018 REMDII Sensitive

Hello everyone! 
It is the second month of 2018 *time flies*!
In this post I am going to share a follow up from my last post,
and also a Malaysia locally produced product which I think is quite helpful.

So first thing to note is that,
I not only have ichthyosis vulgaris, I also have eczema.
If you've read my introduction post, 
I shared that many doctors do not know about ichthyosis,
thus commonly diagnosed whatever skin problem as eczema.
Somehow everything is eczema 😌😌😌😌

In my last post I wrote about my contact dermatitis.
The flaring was bad, I had cracks and my skin was peeling terribly.
I went to the clinic and as usual was given topical steroid cream.
The problem is I had been on steroid cream on and off for almost all my life now.

The cream that this doctor gave is probably milder 
and it took quite a few days to get the flare down.

After the cracks were reduced, I started using a locally made cream,
which is steroid free.

You can see the difference in the image below.

In the before photo, my skin on my fingertips was reddish and so thin, 
even touching was painful.
In the after photo, the skin on my fingertips is already thicker and became less reddish.

For the past few days I have stopped using steroid and started using a cream called
"REMDII Sensitive"
I found out about this cream in my local country's Eczema community group.
Being steroid free, it has definitely improved my skin condition.

This is not a paid review but if you are my readers from Malaysia,
with skin condition alike eczema, or dry patchy skin,
and have not known about this cream, do write to me!

So here are some photos of the cream!

Here is the big original tub, RM150 for 250g when I bought it.
If you happen to get trial packs, I think RM15 for 5g? 
Some RM20, some RM30 😌 depending on how the clinic packs them.
Mostly sold at selected clinics all over the country (Malaysia).
The trial packs are not labeled.

The list of ingredients, all lab tested.
Lots of R&D were carried out to produce this cream

This is the colour of the cream. 
Unlike most which are either white or transparent (gel type). 
I saw some first time users questioned whether they bought the right cream, 
 because this colour makes it looks "expired" 😅😅😅 
But no worries, this is the actual colour.

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  1. Hi there, do you think the cream helps? Hope to hear from you soon, cheers