Tuesday, January 23, 2018

24012018 Is this contact dermatitis?

Happy New Year 2018!

Might be a little late for this but finally find time to update, 
and coincidentally I have my allergy back *sobs

I had been using gloves for dish washing and laundry so I am not sure what caused this.
Even if I accidentally touched either of them, it would be very minor...
So I figured that my fingers must be really sensitive, 
or there could be other triggers which I don't realized
I have not make any changing to my body wash or shampoo,
so I am really not sure what caused this...

Went to the doctor again yesterday and he gave me the H-Cort cream,
I hate steroid creams because I became reliant on them,
but the doctor said usually these dermatitis or eczema cream all contain steroids.
Perhaps I should try alternative, like traditional medicine?
Write me your views and opinions if you've tried any!

Honestly I am having problem even holding stuffs and typing right now.
The skin on my fingers are peeling and cracking, became so sensitive.
Pretty sure it is due to something I touch (contact dermatitis?) 
because only my right hand is affected,
which is my dominant hand.

This was my post back in 2014,
since then it has been an on and off condition.

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