Wednesday, November 29, 2017

29112017 Dealing with No Thumbprints

So back in this post in 2014 I wrote about my skin allergy on my fingertips, 
which were basically peeling, making me fingerprints-less. 
Formal documentation has been so difficult like renewing my 
passport and any banking related matters. 
So when I renewed my IC I have requested for a formal letter, 
which is to indicate that both my thumbprints are spoilt, or unreadable, 
I highlighted in the image below in the red box
Whenever I go for banking related or renewal of IC/passport/license, 
I will need to bring this letter.

Another downside is, I can't use the autogate at the immigration because...
I don't have my thumbprint in the National registry database, 
so neither are there thumbprints recorded in my passport 
(for autogate you need to scan you thumbprints). 
I still need to queue up the old fashion way. 
The good thing is, the increasing number of people using the autogate,
whether or not they know how to use the gates (especially old folks), 
makes the autogate slower than the counters, the perks.

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