Friday, November 24, 2017

25112017 Updates on how I control my IV and eczema

So the truth is there is no actual cure for IV and eczema, since it is some genetic disorder, or something like it is in your blood, it's not tumor, virus or bacteria, it's an autoimmune disorder where your body attacks itself so for now the only way is to control and suppress it.

I had been quite experimental on the products I use and food I take over the years so here are some updates till date. Anyways I am back on land, no more sleeping in air conditioned room.

I am back to using these 2 products: 

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Wash (in lime green)

So far the best shower cream, so glad they recently brought this in. It felt quite clean compared to other soap-free products, it doesn't give me any stinging feeling, it doesn't give me too much dryness/tightness after wash, and I use it as face cleanser too (save me on purchasing expensive cleanser for my even more sensitive face) Sometimes it could feel less clean due to its soap-free, so I sort of scrub using a wet hand towel (IV gives lots of dead cells) followed by this Dry Skin wash, works great!

Back to using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength (in white bottle)

I had been using the Rosken Dry Skin and Nivea Essential Enriched lotion (apparently for very dry skin) while offshore, didn't bring the Vaseline, a big mistake. Both of these are terrible lotions for IV, at least for me. The Rosken Dry Skin is creamy but yet dries up so fast, the Nivea Nivea Essential Enriched lotion is so watery, also dries up so fast. When I got back to using Vaseline Intensive Care, I realized that it has a more oily base, yes I feel a bit greasy initially upon application but it stays for hours, even the whole day. 

During the last 2 days I was offshore, I couldn't take the discomfort anymore so I applied steroid cream once a day to all the affected area. It got so much better but the dryness was still there. It has been back for only a few days now, used both the products above and look at how much my skin changes from the last post (check it out here)!

Huge difference without any editing, both after using Rosken Dry Skin Wash but before using lotion. 
I have those 3 dots scars to identify that this is the same leg, same pose hahaha

As for my eczema, I have no breakouts since I stopped taking food I am allergic to, such as prawns and crabs. I reduced my dairy, coffee and sugar intake, drink more water, do more workouts to sweat more (to detox?), change my sheets and pillow cases more far no triggers. 

I'll write again if I find some other helpful controls, some said drink virgin coconut oil or there are some non steroid creams out there...who knows, I am always open to options to make it under control so do write to me if you have any questions or opinions!


  1. Thanks a lot for your updates on how you’re coping with itchtyosis. It helps a lot for the rest of us with the same condition :) keep the posts coming!

  2. Thank you! I am glad to share my experiences with others