Sunday, October 8, 2017

09102017: Skin care routine update

Ages since I last updated, busy catching up with life :)

So about a month ago I had rashes, which are more Eczema like than anything related to ichthyosis. This created open cuts and using the body scrub I recommended earlier has resulted in stinging sensation and it was not comfortable. I previously also read that frequent scrub will result in abrasions and additional dryness. 

Thus, I was on a hunt for suitable body wash. The first criteria is that it must be soap-free, non drying. I found a body wash by ROSKEN, for dry skin (in light green, right side). It is suitable for senstive skin and is soap-free. I have not seen this around in Malaysia before so figured it is newly imported. 

It usually comes with the Sensitive skin cream, or lotion (in light blue, left side) but I have yet to try this because I am still using the Vaseline Intensive Care lotion as mentioned here:

My verdict for the ROSKEN Dry Skin Body wash: it smells slightly medicated, very mild bubbles and does not feel oily or sticky to me. Though the soap-free element may leave you feeling less clean, it helps in keeping the sensitive skin moist. I usually just do a double wash (rinse off the first round and wash another round) for a cleaner feeling.  

So now I am using this on a daily basis and the bodyscrub only once a aweek.

Might try a combination of both ROSKEN products (for dry & senstivie skin) and hopefully get a better result!

I bought mine under promotion, 3 bottles of 400ml each, at RM60. So each bottle is around RM20+ usually, approximately with the Vaseline Intensive lotion I am using.

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