Tuesday, July 14, 2015

14072015: Amazing shower scrubs!

I found these tubs of bath salts on a local Malaysian online shop on Instagram.
 Since it was quite cheap for a big tub (700g) and all the reviews were positive,
 I decided to give them a try!

My first purchase was the Detox scrub which is black in coal due to the coal content. 
Bought it because the reviews were really great with photographic proofs. 
Before I even finished it, 
I bought another tub together with the Dry Away scrub which 
works excellent for removing scaly skin.

I use them alternatively as suggested by the seller and now rarely have bad scaly skin,
 there is no need to scrub! 
Sometimes I can even skip my lotion when I am on a rush,
 I used to think I can't live without lotion. 
I bring these tubs everywhere with me! 
Sometimes the detox and other times the dry away.

RM29.00 each (700g)
Contact freshop_malaysia if you're residing in Malaysia.
If you're overseas and would really like to try these, contact me.
I will find out whether they ship overseas or maybe I can ship them for you! ^^

They are all homemade with natural ingredients. My skin is very very sensitive towards soap. Anything soapy or contains antibacterial properties, it will start becoming reddish and peels.

This was my skin condition before and after shaving, which I posted in this post questioning whether shaving helps: http://copingwithichthyosis.blogspot.com/2014/02/does-shaving-helps-skin-shed.html. But you can't possibly shave everyday and this only happens when I shave after a very longgg time.

It's the most effective, natural and no side effects product I've tried so far.

Now! Big difference? What's more amazing, no lotion!
I am not promoting the products, 
just sharing what really works and since it's so cheap (RM29 = less than 8USD?!) it's worth the try!
These are my 3rd purchase!! 


  1. Hi, meilin. I'm Della from Indonesia.
    Nice to meet you sharing same problem with me :')
    My IV has been showing since around 6, i dont remember exactly when.
    I just knew the skin disease this past years from a dermatologist.
    He prescribe me a lotion : salicylic acid and urea.
    I used it for around 5 years. It's really good. My skin looks better.
    I still have scaly skin anyway. But it doesnt feel dry and the scales isn't too visible.
    But, recently the formula doesn't work like usual. It becomes watery and smells sooo bad. My skin doesn't feel better at all.
    I stop using it. And my skin becomes REALLY DRY and itchy. My skin at worst condition in my life.
    I start to browsing throughly to gather information
    I found vaseline intensive care and give a try.
    I've been using it for several days. So far, i love it.
    I have read all of your blog post and interested to try this scrub.
    Do you still recommend it? Since you posted this at 2015. :D

    1. Hi Della, I have stopped using this scrub daily around a month ago because I started getting rashes, more like eczema and the salt base stings. I wouldn't recommend scrub to be done daily. I now use it only once a week and for daily I am using the Rosken skin repair dry skin wash, lotion I still use Vaseline, though I might consider trying the Rosken Skin Repair Sensitive Skin Cream. They just recently sell these Rosken products in Malaysia. You could try looking for these in Indonesia :)

  2. Hi I live in the USA, but I would like to find out how can i purchase these, been suffering from Ichthyosis Vulgaris my whole life, and just this week, I found out what it really is...can you message me, or email me ceci712@aol.com