Wednesday, December 10, 2014

11122014: Skin allergy

My finger tips are peeling very badly. They weren't this sensitive until early this year. Each time I lay my hands on soap which are not baby friendly or non organic, they will start peeling. Washing detergent (for dishes and clothes) are worst. Even when not direct contact, touching the clothes after they are tumbled dried also caused the peeling.

There were times when I lost my sense of touch or they became so sensitive to touch. When it peels, the tips become reddish and the areas are protected by only thin layer of skin, I find it painful to even button up my shirt/pants or opening containers. When the new layer of skin grows, the peels become hard and made it difficult to feel textures.

I was requested for my thumb prints for my IC and driving license renewal. But due to this problem,my thumb prints cannot be detected by the machine. The conventional way using the stamp pad also resulted into thumb print which looked different all the time.

Hand creams and Dermal Therapy are not helping.  =.=


  1. Hi MeiLin, I am writing from Singapore. Not sure if this blog is still active. I have the same condition as yourself. And encounter very much the problems and situations you described. You seems to be coping well and very encouraging in sharing your experiences. Keep it up. SGP-GSG

  2. Hi there, yes it is still active but I usually update when I have significant change in my skin condition or I am trying out new products :) Since this is not a lifestyle blog, I am just coping as it is on usual days.