Thursday, November 27, 2014

28112014: No more dermal therapy?

Hello there! So it was been months since I last updated. Skin condition is good, getting spots of eczema here and there probably due to the humidity (it's monsoon season over here). Or it could be the dryness due to the air conditioner since I started working (office based). That's how problematic it is, the weather cannot be too wet or too dry =.=

I tried avoiding medication but sometimes it bothers my sleep so I have to take sleeping pill (only once so far, touch wood) and use the Econazine cream when the breakout is really bad. I heard that these skin cream has thinning effects (I know my skin "grow" or shed faster than normal) but I am not going to risk it :)

Back in March I wrote about Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion (link here). So after I finished that bottle, which arrived in a month using "not trackable surface mail small packet" shipping method, I ordered another 1 bottle. I did ask my readers to purchase in bulk but I was unemployed so I can only afford one at that time >_<

It was a terrible mistake that I ordered only when my first bottle was finishing. This time it took 2 months!! And for 2 months I had to use my St.Ives, which was quite torturous. I was back to using long pants and long sleeves, I really avoided shorts, skirts and dresses. It is important to understand that there is no cure for Ichthyosis, there are only relieve methods and ways to reduce the side effects. So when I stopped using the lotion, my skin was back to its dry-state.

Now, there is another very terrible horrible news (for Malaysians at least). The Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion is against the Malaysia's law. The reason for the additional 1 month delay was because the lotion was on hold by the custom officers. I was issued a warning letter as I attached below:

I understand that there are many unregistered cosmetics being brought into Malaysia but continued to being widely used in Malaysia. This lotion is probably the only thing which really work for many of us suffering from Ichthyosis Vulgaris. Since the lotion is created specifically to treat Ichthyosis, I have not feel any side effects from it. I, however, have never requested for my family or friends without Ichthyosis to try the lotion so I am unsure how will it effect people without Ichthyosis.

I have used a quarter of my second bottle and now thinking on how can I get the lotion in future. I need opinions on whether seeing a skin specialist help? Can I request for a specialist prescription? How if the specialist will not help? (Or not even know about Ichthyosis, like those I seek for at Government hospital years ago) And seeing specialist means more money to be spent T____T

Quite frustrated as well because not only the doctors were not able to diagnose my skin problem (read here), even prescribed me with the wrong medicine (which worsen the condition) and now they want to stop me from using the only thing which works for me wtf

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